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Chronic Pain Syndrome










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Chronic Pain

Pain is called "chronic" when it lasts over a long period of time, usually longer than three to six months. It can constant or it can come and go, but it does not go away. Chronic pain may be due to chronic from an ongoing injury or health problem.

Chronic Pain stays and for some, it leaves for a period of time, but it keeps coming back.  Pain signals are continuously fired from the nervous system - regularly or sporadically - for weeks, months, year and even for a lifetime.

Common causes of chronic pain are joint degeneration (arthritis), back injury, degenerative disc diseases, nervous system damage (neuropathic pain) and headaches.

But chronic pain is not always due to injury to your body.  It is often caused by medical conditions such as such as fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, Spondylosis, certain arthritis or even endometriosis. In these cases, both the pain and the condition must be treated and depending upon the condition, often leads to chronic pain syndrome.

Chronic Pain Syndrome

A good example would be you may have been injured and even though the injuries have long since healed, the pain persists for various reasons.  In other types of injuries, the result is increased pain sensitivity that makes even minor injuries extremely painful and persistent.

Chronic pain syndrome, the never-ending pain is because the brain can't produce enough endorphins to shut the "pain gates."  Here's how the cycle works...

Chronic pain may eventually heal after a period of time.  Chronic pain syndrome, whether a medical condition or an injury, especially back injuries, cause permanent damage and the pain does not 'heal'.  Both affect your life daily, without know tomorrow will be the same as today.  There are things you can do to improve your daily quality of life, it takes time to test by trial & error, but eventually you may create your own recipe to reduce pain from daily activities.

Your sleep, mood, activity, energy level and almost every facet of your life are all disrupted by pain. Being tired, depressed and out of shape makes the pain worse and harder to cope with. So a "pain cycle" begins and depending upon the cause, can be impossible to end.

In most cases, your physician and pain management specialist can help control the pain, increase activity level and you can learn a different lifestyle that increases your overall health.  You may be able to enjoy activities before chronic pain syndrome became part of your life.  In other cases, you may need to find new activities that you enjoy and keeping a positive attitude plays a big part in your quality of life.


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