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Over forty-eight million in this country alone are not able to function normally as a result of some type of debilitating form of chronic pain syndrome and those are just people who have health insurance or can afford to see a pain management doctor.

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Chronic pain is sometimes defined officially as pain lasting more than 3-6 months. It may also be accurate to define chronic pain as pain that has no clear end in sight. It may be something that you will have to learn to live with - or around. Anyone who has lived with chronic pain, or has treated patients with chronic pain, eventually comes to the understanding that the chronic pain is a disease in itself, regardless of what is causing the pain. It is this disease - chronic pain - that pain management specialists treat.

CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME IS REAL = As much as words can describe it, chronic pain is unrelenting, merciless, unyielding, exhausting, frightening and literally never stops.

It can be demoralizing mostly because people, even some physicians, don't believe the pain is as bad or as constant or both.  And there's guilt because it hits family & friends almost as hard as you. While it's true that there are varying degrees of pain, chronic pain is generally miserable.

Unless you have lived with chronic pain syndrome, it's impossible to explain. This site is meant to provide useful information about chronic pain syndrome that may help you live your life the best it can every day...just like your pain.

Do not consider this website to be a diagnostic or treatment tool.  ALWAYS consult your physician to help you or find a Board Certified pain management doctor in your area.

Research finds that women experience chronic pain more than men & experience multiple conditions at the same time...learn more

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